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Why I Don’t Do In Laws.


Soooooooo, my man’s parents are here for Thanksgiving and while I wasn’t exactly “looking forward” to meeting them, I wasn’t opposed to it and had started getting myself mentally prepared for this first time meeting when he told me they were coming—- back in AUGUST. (Yes, I need that long to prepare)

At any rate, they arrived on Tuesday. Didn’t meet them when they came over, but was okay when I received a phone call from his sister saying his dad wanted to meet me the next day and asking what time I would be home. After I hung up from this conversation, I got another phone call from  her number and answered….. only to find myself speaking to his DAD directly. And while I told him that I was disappointed for missing him the previous day (which I was- I wanted to get it over with). I was hit with a slightly different conversation. His dad proceeds to go OFF on me.

Yes, you read that right. The father of my beloved, an old man I had NEVER met, who doesn’t know me from Adam, proceeded to GO OFF on me. About what? About the condition of MY HOUSE. Yep, that’s right folks. This complete stranger, who served as kin to my partner, called me to go off about the way I keep my house. Smh. See, he doesn’t know that I don’t have NO problem fighting old people.

This is why I don’t do in-laws!!!

Let me give you my full list of why I DON”T DO IN LAWS:

1. They don’t know their place. They make comments, suggestions and give input on stuff that has nothing to do with them. STAY IN YOUR LANE IN LAW!

2. They don’t know you and your mental place, which is why they make decisions that could be potentially life threatening to them. Nobody can really blame you if you grab the knife in the turkey and start stabbing folks up right??? They don’t know how many months or years you spent in counseling trying to cope!!

3. They REALLY don’t give a damn about you!!! All you people talking about “my sister in law is my bff, i just love his mother, i just love his cousins”. One word: SETUP. Their #1 and #2 primary concern, interests and support is designated for THEIR family!! Not your ass! Duh!

4. They too damn nosy!Privacy is NOT the name of their game. They will do whatever is necessary to get all up in your business. Even pretending like your friend. Don’t fall for it.

5. They don’t know when to stop. Give them an inch and they will take a whole damn stadium. In laws overstep their bounds ALL THE TIME.

Now, while my list may seem harsh…. understand it’s coming from a loving and tender place. You see, I LOVE you. And I give a DAMN about you. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I’ve made. A long time ago, I was bamboozled by in-laws. I had to learn a lesson the hard way, and after that…. I set out on a mission to keep other poor, defenseless partners from making the same error. We must unite. Take on the mantra that I have an join the “I don’t do in-laws” movement. Learn to complete let go of your desire for these people to like you and trust me, you will feel so much better about being able to say what you feel freely to them and around them without ANY restrictions. BOOM!


In true Fat Girl Fashion


I have decided to make a vlog about losing weight. Lol. How typical right? Wrong! Most fat people aren’t bold enough to put themselves out there, so this opportunity is perfect for me! Actually, well there apparently are some bold fat people out here. Dancing girl can be found here.

So I guess my video won’t really make waves, but I just want to get my story out there because there aren’t alot of stories that I can relate to when it comes to looking at vsg videos on you tube. And vsg means, vertical sleeve gastrectomy. (If you were fat and seeking dramatic options you would know this, duh)  This is the proceedure I am hoping to get before the year 2012, to help with my weight.

As of right now, my videos make me look like ishhhh. Because morbidly obese people never really look great on candid camera. Lol. But, hopefully I will improve my appearance on my vlog so that people won’t feel bad for me. Lol.

Describe your personality in five words or less.



wait, does that count as one of the words? ok, i would say…. ambitious. sociable. outspoken. self-righteous.

I find it really hard to describe my personality so narrowly, particularly because I view myself as a complicated creature. While on one end, I am the person who loves to be around people and is never afraid of any challenge…. I find myself alone plenty of times and I am not competitive. Its contradictory!!! It’s so ridiculous! At any rate. That is all.