Monthly Archives: July 2012

Still getting a Bachelors? At 30? C’mon now.


Now, while I am understanding when it comes to the desire for one to pursue higher education. I am truly not in support of grown folks who are trying to pimp the system.

There are entirely TOO MANY adults who are still dependents and using school as the excuse. C’mon Now!
If you are pushing 30 and you are still trying to utilize your parents medical benefits claiming student status. Stop. C’mon now!
If you have been to a total of 5 colleges in ten years. C’mon now!
If you still don’t REALLY know what you want to do in life. C’mon now!

I could go on and on…. but I will stop while I’m ahead and just say Come On Now and get a job. Start your career and stop playing with your finances.


What To Blog About?


Hey! So its been since I’ve written a blog. I really actually love this blog page! So, why haven’t i been blogging? Well, its definitely not because I hate the page.  Writing has always come easy for me… mostly so its not that either.
I realize the reason I stopped blogging was because of what someone said.
I asked her to check out my blog and let me know if she thinks its good. She did and told me it was okay, but that my topics were all over the place. She suggested that I found ONE topic and stuck with it since I’m not supposed to blog about EVERYTHING.
Make sense right?
Duh, why didn’t I think of that! Lol.
Soooooo….. what will be the primary focus of my blog henceforth?
(Drum Roll please)
It was hard work but I narrowed it down ya’ll!!!
No seriously, this blog will now OFFICIALLY (mostly) chronicle my weight loss adventure.

>Insert bow<

Thank you!