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How Do You Define Success??



Not too long ago, I would define success very plain and simple: beautiful house, handsome partner, good job, decent salary, higher education, well behaved kids <— Simple right?

Now? I believe its even more simple for me. Just finding your soulmate and making the money that affords the lifestyle you want to live, whatever that may be.


Almost a year later and I still totally agree with my above statement.

For me now, success is as simple as finding someone that makes your soul totally and completely happy and being able to do what the hell you want. Being an entrepreneur and have a freedom mind frame has unlocked the shackles on my way of thinking about earning income and ‘work’. Instead of aiming to get a job or to run a business, I am now aiming to be a successful business owner or more than one market. I would ultimately like to run my business hands free, like a wireless headset! Working 4hours a week at max and living my life WHEREVER I want. THAT for me, would be success.


Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged. Coming Clean.


Oftentimes in life, I wonder if any information I’ve revealed about myself can come back to haunt me. Ya know, in that Herman Cain/Bill Clinton sort of way???
Probably not.
But- maybe what I am about to say can invoke some serious feelings of disgust or some other nasty emotion. I don’t know, but I figure since this blog is all about me, I should feel free to lay it all out there on the table.
So, I would like to come clean about my relationship (s).
Yes- (s) <—– don’t let that get past ya.
I have been dating a guy for the past two years. Since July 2009. However, I’ve been married to another guy since 2004. (Insert Evil music Here)
Before you get ready to spit, knash your teeth, foam at the mouth, have a seizure do whatever you do when you hear something like that, just know I’ve been ready to sign those papers for years! My ex just refuses to let the relationship end on paper. Its ridiculous!

What is even more ridiculous about this whole ordeal is that we are about to enter year 2012!

Honestly, I never meant to let this marriage drag on as long as it has. When I ended things with my husband in March of 2009, he went through a series of emotions and it was horrible to see him hurting the way he was about our inevitable breakup.