Journey to 30!!!!!!


Its finally here. The year of 30. 

What’s the big deal about 30 anyways? Is it just as significant as EVERY number when you count by 10’s? 

So, last year I decided I would throw a 30th birthday party. That party was to take place the weekend of August 24th 2013. However, it looks like that won’t happen since my planning is taking place ‘last minute’. 

Instead, I’ve decided to give my focus to other very important things. And for your reading pleasure, I’ve decided to list them here.

1. Climb to the top of a stripper pole.

2. Beat someone’s ass through extensive karate/kickboxing training.

3. Buy a gun and learn how to shoot said gun.

4. Spend thousands of dollars taking my 4 kids to the Bahamas.

5. Lose about 30 more lbs so that I can look better than all the bitches at my class reunion.

I have other things on this list, but I will post as time goes along. 



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