I’m baaaaack b*tches!


meshawtyIts been a long while but I am back.

And while I don’t really know where I want to go with this blog, I’m making a committment to blog every month. (It took me 4 goes to just type that statement- geez)

I will admit that looking back at my blog I realized I’m a pretty damn good blogger and I missed it. I miss just sharing the things that I’ve learned, experiences that I’ve had with you all. So…. lemme bring you up to speed in a flash.

10 things you should know

  1. still love Rih-Rih
  2. me1this is what I look like now… a little different huh? I lost like 90 lbs.
  3. I can climb a pole alllllll the way to the top… Yessss ma’m!
  4. I no longer watch ratchet tv… or tv at all really for that matter
  5. I believe in feelings now 🙂
  6. I have zero interest in acquiring more formal education – as a matter of fact I’ve learned more outside of college than I ever learned in college.
  7. I still love dresses
  8. I still live in Atlanta
  9. I enjoy juicing on a regular basis now
  10. This blog is still about everything… but more importantly… personal development



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