Who are YOU?!

Lol. Lets see, I am Jameelionaire Divine Monroe. No, not a government name… but yes that is the alter ego name of the moment so just go with it. (But it doesn’t sound drag does it). There’s not much to say about me really. Except everything!

I am a:

Lover of the environment and all things Captain Planet, divorcee, short and stout, mommy, daughter-gone-rogue, educator, consistently underemployed, aspiring millionairess, self-proclaimed goldigger, college educated, outgoing, moody, big fan of people who are rock stars, often isolated from society, weavenista, without very many friends and social. BOOM!

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I was raised in Decatur, JAWJA. Bred by two immigrants from Trinidad. <—-Not in Africa.

I have terrible heels. Yes heels. My heels are like concrete. But I have nice looking feet. I know this is randomn, just bear with me. I have tendancies to notice poor spelling and other flaws on other people, but I fail to see my own flaws. I’ve been to jail once for getting a ticket for my seatbelt and not paying for it. I plan to travel to the Dominican Republic and live there for a few months. I hope to go to India and Morocco in the near future. My two favorite books of this year are “Eat, Pray, Love” and “The Four Hour Work Week”. Thanks for reading my BLOG and checking out my VLOG. Any questions, comments or suggestions…. stick them up your butt. Just playing, email me or leave a comment. BOOOOOM!



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