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Too Old to be a Groupie


Okay…. never in my life did I think I’d be as old as I am with a serious artist addiction.

*Hangs head in shame*

But, I *places hand over chest*, Jamillian Mogul Monroe, am a huge Rihanna fan. *Opens one eye to see if anything happens* rihanna

Honestly, I don’t know how this happened. Or when. All I know I know is that I literally feel my heart swelling with love everytime I hear her music. Who knew music could MOVE you like that?

I decided to play Rihanna radio on my Pandora and realized this addiction is bad. I never get tired of listening to her songs! “I just shot a man down, Pon De Replay, Talk that Talk, Photographs, Diamonds, Pour It Up, Whats My Name, Rude Boy”… I could go on forever, well not literally but… you know.

I know most young women my age as still part of the Beehive, the force known as Beyonce. Don’t get me wrong, Beyonce is a amazing performer…. but no matter what Beyonce sings or does, it always sounds like R&B.rihbey

Rihanna on the other hand can sing any genre from pop, reggae, rock, r&b, alternative ANYTHING. There have been times that I’ve heard her music in department stores and didn’t even realize it was her until later. What Rihanna lacks in performance ability she makes up for in VERSATILITY! 

Because my daughter is an avid groupie of the group One Direction, I recognize all the symptoms of groupie-ism. I wasn’t fully prepared to accept that as my official label until I realized that my newest hair ventures involve cutting my hair to look like her. Then, just the other day, I thought what if my 30th birthday party was a Rihanna party, with her songs playing all night?! -_- Yeah…. its bad.

Again, I *hang my head in shame*


How Do You Define Success??



Not too long ago, I would define success very plain and simple: beautiful house, handsome partner, good job, decent salary, higher education, well behaved kids <— Simple right?

Now? I believe its even more simple for me. Just finding your soulmate and making the money that affords the lifestyle you want to live, whatever that may be.


Almost a year later and I still totally agree with my above statement.

For me now, success is as simple as finding someone that makes your soul totally and completely happy and being able to do what the hell you want. Being an entrepreneur and have a freedom mind frame has unlocked the shackles on my way of thinking about earning income and ‘work’. Instead of aiming to get a job or to run a business, I am now aiming to be a successful business owner or more than one market. I would ultimately like to run my business hands free, like a wireless headset! Working 4hours a week at max and living my life WHEREVER I want. THAT for me, would be success.

Name something you’d like a lifetime supply of.


There are very few things that I am attached to. I do not have a favorite television show that I commit myself to watching. I don’t have a favorite hairstyle that has become who I am. I don’t even have a favorite movie that I love watching incessantly. I don’t even have a favorite celebrity that I just love and would love to meet.

But, I do have a huge thing for dresses. I love dresses. If I could have a lifetime supply of anything it would be dresses. Classic dresses, casual, fun, spring, fall, evening, sexy, formal, flowy, short, sexy, international all types of dresses. Not only are dresses the easiest form of clothing known to women, but they offer such a huge variety of fashion flair! Once you get your dress all that’s left is a great pair of heels, awesome accessories and a splash of matching makeup. The perfect hairstyle will really complete your look. So that is my not-so-secret-secret. Most people who know me recognize my insane addiction to dresses.