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Day 2, Pole Dance Class.


Last night, I abandoned my 2 children and my man to go to the dance studio for classes. Ordinarily, I would only be interested in pole class, but they were offering a free ballet class so, I thought “Is ballet only for skinny tall white girls with long necks? No, its 2013 all sizes welcome!” and whisked my large, short, brown, mommy of 2 self on in.

Fortunately there was only ONE other person in the class, so that made me really comfortable. Anyhow, took the class, enjoyed it and then proceeded to wait for the pole class to begin.

The class that I’m taking is at Vertical Joe’s Fitness Studio in Atlanta. I decided to take it because of the owner, Fiya Starta. I saw her on a video a couple years ago spinning on a pole upside down and thought, “Wow, she’s amazing… I could so totally do that”. Riiiiight, now 2 years later I’m in her class looking crazy.

I’ve been a little coy about the class and all because after taking my first class I realized this &$%@ is hard! Its no joke out here on the pole. I’m from Atlanta and been to a fair share of strip clubs and these women make it look amazing and easy! They prance around in their heels, climb the poles effortlessly and make it look sexy at the same damn time. After taking my first class, I wanted to slap all of the women I’ve seen at the strip club for making me think it would be as easy as heating up hot dogs.

But, sometime last year I really DECIDED that before I turned 30 years old, I would, ONCE AND FOR ALL, lose weight and climb a stripper pole to the top.

So, last night was day 2 on this OFFICIAL adventure….

Actually, last night was much better than the first few times I worked with a pole. Usually trying to mount the pole is like a mini fight. I usually come out feeling like Ive accomplished something, but I’ve banged up a shin or elbow in the process, so I come out needing ice and a hug. This time around however, other than the pain in my ‘pole meat’ as Ms. Joe calls it, which is the fat part in between your legs used to grip the pole, I felt pretty darn good! I was actually able to do my spins successfully, a pass out, basic spin and a basic slide. And, I think I ALMOST climbed an INCH!

Whooooo-hooooooooooo! Can you tell them dancers at Magic City and Onyx to watch out?!


So back to class again on Wednesday. I may need like 232489734792834 more classes, but I have taken 2 OFFICIAL classes think I will be able to conquer this thing by August!