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Still getting a Bachelors? At 30? C’mon now.


Now, while I am understanding when it comes to the desire for one to pursue higher education. I am truly not in support of grown folks who are trying to pimp the system.

There are entirely TOO MANY adults who are still dependents and using school as the excuse. C’mon Now!
If you are pushing 30 and you are still trying to utilize your parents medical benefits claiming student status. Stop. C’mon now!
If you have been to a total of 5 colleges in ten years. C’mon now!
If you still don’t REALLY know what you want to do in life. C’mon now!

I could go on and on…. but I will stop while I’m ahead and just say Come On Now and get a job. Start your career and stop playing with your finances.


To Further the Education, Or Not… That is the Question.


I have always prided myself on my ambitious education goals. First there was law school, then phd program in education, masters in public administration, masters in education, paralegal certification and law school again.
But now….. there’s kind of just a big, fat, blur. I think really hard about the things I’d like to do, and sometimes I try to visualize it. (Speaking of visualize, I now take a brief recess to look that up….. Okay it was helpful.) Anyways, in trying to visualize the new direction for my life, I often end up squinting my eyes, which is a direct implication that I may need visualization lenses because the view is JUST that foggy.
Last week Tuesday, it was paralegal school. I even filled out an application for Clayton State. Now don’t get me wrong, business and entrepreneurship will still go on. But my mind will not allow me to accept the idea of stopping at a bachelors degree.
Sooooo, now higher education is no longer seen as the next step in my ladder. It is a concrete must have. Like a good sleek coat, a sheek wallet, a stylish scarf and a sexy pair of boots.
For the past….. day or so. I have been looking at MBA programs. Ughhhhh…. I hate the idea of taking accounting, statistics, economics. I am just not that into official money business classes. But, in the long run it’ll help me not only in HR, but in my personal business as well. But stay tuned….. next week it may be acting classes. Just kidding…. but not if I can land a deal 🙂